Saint of the Day: Blessed Benedict XI


Blessed Benedict XI
Feast Day: July 7
Niccolo Boccasino was born in Treviso, Italy, studied in Venice and entered the Dominicans as a teen.

"Pope Benedict XI" by Tommaso da Modena (1326-1379) (Wikimdeia Commons, Public Domain)
“Pope Benedict XI” by Tommaso da Modena (1326-1379) (Wikimdeia Commons, Public Domain)

A scholar by temperament, he taught and preached for years, publishing biblical commentaries and sermons, before becoming provincial in Lombardy in 1286 and master general of the order in 1296.
Thereafter, he was embroiled in political conflicts that the church, then a temporal power, had with European nations and Italy’s various kingdoms.
After being elected pope in 1303, he lived humbly and sought to make peace.
He died of dysentery and was beatified in 1773.