Saint of the Day: Demetrian


Feast Day: November 5
After Demetrian’s young wife died after three months of marriage, he entered a monastery on Cyprus dedicated to St. Anthony.

St George Greek Orthodox, Rock Island IL

There he was ordained a priest and ultimately served as abbot for four decades.
When Demetrian was chosen bishop of Khytri, he fled to a cave. But a friend persuaded him to accept the appointment.
In Demetrian’s twenty-fifth year as bishop, Saracens invaded Cyprus and took many Christians captive. He interceded with the invaders for their freedom.
Moved by the example of his courage and selflessness, the Saracens released the prisoners.
St. Demetrian is the patron of prisoners. He is sometimes invoked with this prayer: “Loving Father, through the intercession of St. Demetrian, rescue me from the anxieties that hold me captive.”