Bishop names Father Nolan vicar for priests


Dialog Editor

Bishop Malooly has appointed Father Timothy M. Nolan, 45, vicar for priests of the Diocese of Wilmington. Father Nolan will continue serving as pastor of Corpus Christi Parish in Elsmere.

With the appointment, effective Jan. 15, Msgr. Clement P. Lemon ends nearly 25 years as vicar for priests in the diocese. Msgr. Lemon, 74, will continue to serve as pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Wilmington.

“I am delighted that Father Tim Nolan had been willing to take on the additional responsibility of being vicar for clergy while maintaining his pastorate at Corpus Christi Parish,” Bishop Malooly said Dec. 19. “He is an outstanding priest who will serve his brother priests in a very positive way as he does all things.”

“I feel honored and appreciate that the bishop feels I can do this job,” Father Nolan said. “I just pray that I will do it well.”

Noting that Msgr. Lemon’s long tenure in the post included being pastor at IHM, Father Nolan said he hoped to strike a balance in his duties the way Msgr. Lemon did and “following his wise guidance will be helpful as well.”

Born in Philadelphia, Father Nolan was raised in Claymont, graduated from St. Mark’s High School and became a self-employed illustrator after earning a degree from Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia.

He was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Wilmington in 2002 after studies at St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore.

Prior to his appointment in July as pastor of Corpus Christi, Father Nolan was pastor of Holy Spirit Church in New Castle for four years and has also served at Our Lady of Fatima in New Castle and at St. Mary Magdalen in Wilmington.

The priests of the diocese are “good men,” Father Nolan said.

“I regard them as my brothers, that’s for sure. They bring a diverse experience to the priesthood and I look forward to working with them and being whatever help I can be.”

Noting Msgr. Lemon’s start as vicar for priests in the Wilmington diocese in 1987, Bishop Malooly said, “at that time, I was clergy director in Baltimore and had the opportunity to work with him in a number of situations. He has been an outstanding priest, a holy man of prayer and a great diocesan leader. I saw those qualities 25 years ago, and have been able to enjoy them in my three years as bishop here.”

Msgr. Lemon called his 25 years as vicar, “assisting the bishop with his priests.”

He called his service “a good experience, finding out there are a lot of good men out there doing great ministry. The biggest trauma was with sexual abuse. I assisted as best I could with that crisis. I certainly don’t have any regrets. I’m glad to be of some service.”

IHM’s pastor, who has also served as pastor of Holy Family Parish in Newark, as diocesan director of the Propagation of Faith and as vocation director, said he intends to continue serving the diocese.

“As long as I’m healthy, I certainly can serve as best I can.”