Morning homily: Pray with insistence, don’t fear disturbing God, pope says


Vatican Radio — Pope Francis spoke on the theme of prayer on Thursday, saying when we pray it’s a bit like annoying God so that he listens to us. His remarks came during his homily at the morning mass in the Santa Marta guesthouse.

Dan Raftis, 15, from St. Patrick Church in Owego, N.Y., prays after receiving Communion during the closing Mass of the National Catholic Youth Conference Nov. 23 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Speaking at Mass, Pope Francis said “prayer has two attitudes: it’s needy and at the same time it’s certain of the fact that God, in his own way and his own time, will answer our need.”

A person who prays, he continued,  “doesn’t fear disturbing God and nourishes a blind faith in his love.”

The pope recalled how Jesus taught us to pray like the annoying friend who begs for food at midnight or like the widow with the corrupt judge. Another example he quoted was the Gospel account of how the lepers approached Jesus, saying to him, “if you want, you can cure us.”

Maybe this sounds strange, the Pope said, “but praying is a bit like annoying God so that he listens to us. He stressed the importance of praying with insistence and not giving up after the first few attempts. “Jesus said, “ask,” but he also said to us, “Knock at the door” and he or she who knocks at the door makes a noise, disturbs or annoys.”

Therefore, Pope Francis continued, “prayer is insisting to the point of annoyance but also with an unshakeable certainty.” Just like the blind people in the Gospel who asked Jesus to be healed and when he asked them if they believed he could cure them, they assured him they did.

Pope Francis concluded by saying that Jesus feels our need when we pray and also feels that we are certain of his help and that we’re speaking the truth about ourselves.


— Susy Hodges