Catholic school students named to all-state choral groups


Many Catholic school students are among those selected for the 2013-14 junior all-state chorus, senior women’s choir and senior mixed choir, which are sponsored by the Delaware Music Educators Association. The groups will perform in February. For more details, see

The participants, as listed by the DMEA, follow.

Junior all-state chorus


Holy Cross: Jessica Zhang, Cali Ambruso, Alessandra Guckes, Alex May, Maggie Poppiti

Ursuline: Yara Awad



Holy Cross: Ria Swaminathan, Laura Lin Comollo, Marissa Garzarella, Maya Guthrie, Sophie Malenfant, Chloe Mangubet, Guilia Randazzo and Madeline Zink

St. Edmond’s: Matthew Witterholt and Andrew Martin



Holy Cross: Jacob Stant, Holy Cross (highest score in the state among tenors), Sean Davis, Luke Arranguez, Sean Letavish, Patrick O’Brien, Nathan Reid, Christopher Rutkoski, Luke Sadusky, Miguell Sanchez, and Jordan Speed



Holy Corss: Ben Stant, Samuel Huo, and Jacob Jensen


Senior Women’s Choir

Soprano I

St. Thomas More: Elizabeth Stalker

Ursuline: Shaina Twardus

St. Mark’s: Bernadette Bautista


Soprano II

St. Mark’s: Nina Leski, St. Mark’s

Ursuline: Valerie Quinones, and Jacquelyn Kepley


Alto I

St. Thomas More: Naomi Ortiz

Ursuline: Casey Morris


Alto II

Padua: Margaret Achenbach and Sarah Burton


Senior Mixed Choir

Soprano I

St. Mark’s: Lauren Johnson and Katya Monarski

Archmere: Claire Caverly

St. Thomas More: Reanna Sherman

Padua: Lucy Vavala

Katya Monarski


Soprano II

St. Thomas More: Elizabeth Stant


Alto I

St. Mark’s: Samantha Kasehagen and Caroline Sylvia

St. Thomas More: Emma Skilton and Kelsi McBarron


Alto II

St. Thomas More: Molly Thompson, Anastasia Bole and Kelley Northam


Tenor I

Salesianum: Anthony Vincent

St. Mark’s: Victor Gregory


Tenor II

St. Thomas More: Benjamin Bole and Stephen Jackewicz


Bass I

Archmere: Keelin Reilly

St. Thomas More: Nicholas Reyes and Daniel Garzarella

St. Mark’s: Cameron Dixon and Nicolo Bautista

Salesianum: Michael Kelso and Stephen Saville