Governor visits St. Elizabeth to observe iPads in action




WILMINGTON – Gov. Jack Markell visited St. Elizabeth High School on May 22 to meet teachers and students as they used their iPads in classes. Markell and his education policy adviser, Lindsay O’Mara, went to a math class and a chemistry class.

After the classroom visits, the governor met with seniors Jack Harkins, Sabrina Hackendorn, Donovan Sweeney and Michael Whiting, who shared their experiences this year in the 1:1 iPad environment. Markell also met with St. Elizabeth’s director of technology, Christopher Matarese, and principal Shirley Bounds.

Gov. Jack Markell views a demonstration of how St. Elizabeth sophomores Rafael Parra (left) and Alex Hantman use their iPads in their everyday classroom work. Markell was at the Wilmington school on May 22. Photo courtesy of St. Elizabeth junior Kyle DeGhetto.