Students welcome new pastor with a pie to the face


ELKTON, Md. – A few lucky middle school students celebrated “Pi Day” March 13 at Immaculate Conception School by pieing the administrator of their choice. The three youngsters were the ones who memorized the most digits of the irrational number pi. Pi Day is March 14, but Immaculate Conception students are off that day, so the school held the event the day before.

Oblate Father Jim Yeakel, who has been at the parish for less than a week, was welcomed to Elkton with a heaping helping of banana cream. The associate pastor, Father John Solomon, and the principal, Jeanne Dinkle, also got a face full of dessert. The students who did the honors were sixth-grader Ryan Mann and eighth-grader Jackie Ayers, who memorized pi to the 81st decimal place, and seventh-grader Camryn Kilby, who remembered 70.

The school community gathered to watch the carnage. The photos below are of the three administrators, Father Yeakel, and the pie-throwing students.

Father Jim Yeakel, Father John Solomon and principal Jeanne Dinkle before the students’ pieing. Photos courtesy of Immaculate Conception School.



















Father Solomon with a face full of pie.










These students did the honors and presumably will not be forced to stay after school for the rest of the year.