Letter to the editor, Feb. 3


Praying after TD better than prancing

Much more admirable, it is, to watch Tim Tebow drop to one knee, bow his head and give thanks to God, than it is to look at boring, prancing me, me, me chest thumpers.

When scoffers ask if God really cares whether this newcomer NFL quarterback in Denver scores a touchdown or not, it doesn’t matter. The world of the National Football League would benefit immensely with a few more Tim Tebows.

The story goes there was once a gentleman who inquired of Lou Holtz, head football coach at Notre Dame in the 1980s, why it was that so many folks bothered every Saturday to fervently pray to God for a Notre Dame victory.

Like the Tebow critics of today, the man was seeking Lou’s take on whether God really cared.

The coach explained he wouldn’t know whether God cared if Notre Dame won or lost the game. “But,” he added, “his mother would.”

Jimmy Gambacorta

New Castle