Letters to the Editor, Dec. 9

Brandywine College was a private school
In Father Stanley J. Russell’s jubilarian biography in the Nov. 11 issue of The Dialog, it stated that Brandywine college was a community college.
Brandywine College was a private college started in 1965 by myself and one other person. It received no federal, state or county money; it was funded by private funds.
Father Russell and Father Daniel W. Gerres did an excellent job as the chaplain for the students.
Bernard J. Daney
Thanks to bishop
We thank you again, Bishop Malooly, for taking time from your busy schedule to support and be witness in Rehoboth at the 26th Charismatic Conference and to celebrate Mass, also for the joyful time we had in praising Jesus in song, prayer and Eucharist.
We pray that you are given the spiritual wisdom and strength to go forth and serve our diocese.
Mauro J. Bucci