Student’s day off results in D.C. tours with Biden



WILMINGTON – Chris Ptak took June 9 off from St. Mark’s High School, but the freshman had a good reason. He ended up spending much of the day with Vice President Joe Biden, according to St. Mark’s.

Ptak’s parents had given him permission to miss school so he could accompany his father, John, a member of the National Guard who had been assigned to greet Biden as he departed for Washington, D.C. Biden encourages his greeters to bring family members along so he can meet them.

The vice president thanked Chris Ptak for taking a day of his summer vacation, but the young man replied that he was excused from school and that this was the last week. Biden asked Ptak to come aboard Air Force Two and make the trip to Washington with him. After the plane reached Andrews Air Force Base, Biden had his young visitor join him on Marine Two to fly to the Naval Observatory, the vice president’s residence.

Ptak toured the observatory, then accompanied Biden’s motorcade to the White House, where he was given a private tour and met some of the staff.

“I was just amazed that I was there,” Ptak said. “It was really cool.”